Dear Sir and Madam,

You got mail from us ? sure ?

We totally agree with you, that Junk-Mails are not a joke.

You can be sure, that we do not send such messages.
In addition our provider has a firewall which blocks Junk-SMTP-traffic from his systems.
We are not the originator of such messages.
The name of the domain were abused as despatcher for junk-mails.
It's no problem to fake the origination address of a message,
so anybody else can "send" messages with our mail address.

You can see it in the header-information of the mail.
The receiving station shows the false sender-adress
and in case of incorrect information,
the real sender will be shown in brackets.

If you use the program thunderbird,
you can install the extensions "Country Lookup" (
It shows the origin country and city of an e-mail message, using the IP address.

With regret we see your trouble.

The admin